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A few words about Nathan Roi

(Born August 22, 1957) is a journalist, editor, author, teacher and guide to the history, literature and knowledge of the Land of Israel.

My name is Nathan Roi and I am a certified guide of the Ministry of Tourism  in Israel for the entire country in Hebrew and English. 

What differs me and my work?

I have accomplished the Certification of Guide following 3 academic degrees in history, philosophy, and law. Published 18 perusal books in the fields of History and Society in the State of Israel. 40 years of writing in Newspapers & Publishing houses since 1981 to this day.

I write and professionally photograph. Some of my works were published around the globe

I am an instructor in my soul, from my training in the officers and conscripts’ courses at the artillery base in the South of the country through the youth boarding schools and street groups I have taught, to the lectures I gave all those years in various settings and places in the world.

I speak 3 languages ​​at mother tongue level (Hebrew English and Polish) and I am certified to teach in Hebrew and English. I have taught in these languages ​​both in Israel and in Eastern Europe. Behind hundreds of hours of training on a variety of topics that have always been tailored to customer requirements.

I actively participate in guiding immigrants, residents of the country, tourists, and I can present a long list of recommendations, upon request.

I assure to make every effort to accommodate each and every one of the groups to the experiential tour appropriate to the group.

My lectures and tutorials are replete with very diverse sources of information based on up-to-date and popular research. I am not an academic guide but trying to bring a new experience to those who join my tours with am Academic back ground.

In all modesty I say I will make an effort that you remember the experience well and recommend others to join my tours and trips.

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I also maintain a blog, please visit and get the idea based on what I posted there;  ( Hebrew)

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